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Don't Let Weeds Destroy Your Las Vegas Property

Do you have a weed problem? If you live in Nevada, it wouldn't be surprising. We have a long list of weeds that take root in our yards. There are also 21 unwanted types of grass that can make your desert landscape less than appealing.

If you don't know what woodly cupgrass, hop clover, evening primrose, annual spurge, chickweed, and all the other weeds and grasses look like, how are you ever going to get your yard looking the way you want it to look, especially in a desert landscape? Let the team here at Anderson Pest Control do it for you. We have trained and experienced professionals on staff to address weed control in the greater Las Vegas area.

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Why Anderson PEst Control Is The Right Choice For Weed Control

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we can help you get control of weeds by giving your desert landscape what it needs, when it needs it. What does your yard need? Targeted applications of herbicide to weaken weeds and allow your desirable ornamentals to outcompete unwanted vegetation.

Our Weed Control Process

The science of weed control is complex. But there are some key terms that can help you understand the process we can use to make your lawn the envy of your neighbors.


There are two types of herbicides that can be used on your desert landscape. Selective herbicide is used to target certain weeds and leave other plants unharmed. Non-selective herbicide kills almost any plant. We use a mixture of selective herbicides to stunt and eliminate the growth of unwanted vegetation throughout your desert landscape. We use non-selective herbicide to treat soil before planting or to create borders that vegetation should not cross.


These are herbicides that target weeds before they emerge. Makes sense, right? These are put into the ground to stop the germination of seeds and the production of root systems. Typically, these products are applied in late winter or early spring. This is when most weeds take root. But there are a few that can establish root systems in the fall. For these, we apply a pre-emergent in the fall.


These are herbicides that are applied directly to the surface of plants. They are applied in appropriate areas for pernicious weeds that require extra attention.


These are wetting agents that increase the penetration, coverage, and general effectiveness of nearly any type of herbicide. These are mixed with liquid herbicides when performing post-emergent applications, and they break the surface tension of the plant to ensure that it has an even coating.


You know what this is, but you might not know that some products require watering in order to work properly. It is amazing how tiny details like this can be missed in DIY lawn care.

Foot Traffic

It is important to protect areas that have been treated. If kids, adults, dogs, and other animals walk across treated areas, it can cause applications to fail.

We'll Protect Your Property From Weeds

Even if you understand herbicides and you know what to do and when to use these products, lawn maintenance is still hard work. Let our experienced team do the hard work for you. If you live in Las Vegas or the surrounding region, reach out to Anderson Pest Control today to sign up for our seasonal lawn care program and discover the Anderson Difference. We can help you turn an unsightly lawn into a thing of beauty.

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Is your property overrun with weeds? We can help!

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