Why Is Right-Of-Way Weed Control A Necessity In Las Vegas?

a sweet clover weed in a yard

If you live in Nevada, you're probably not surprised that you are dealing with a weed problem. With a long list of potential weeds that can grow in your yard, you shouldn't let them make your Las Vegas property less appealing. If you have weeds like annual spurge, chickweed, hop clover, and cut grass taking over your lawn, contact the Las Vegas weed control professionals at Anderson Pest Control.

Pros Of Right-Of-Way Weed Control

Managing weeds on your own in Las Vegas can cost you more money, time, effort, and resources than necessary. Lawn treatments within right-of-ways are essential to prohibit unwanted vegetation that may impact road systems, create weed vectors, interfere with travel, or breach utilities.

Leaving it up to the professionals allows for benefits that include:

  • Saving money on the products you'd have to buy
  • Saving time
  • Saving equipment
  • Increasing property value
  • Deterring pests
  • Mowing less frequently
  • Better quality oxygen
  • No need to store products
  • No need to make guesses on the best approach

Professional Las Vegas weed control experts can teach you why weeds are popping up in the first place, what kind of weeds you have, and the best products to treat them. Professionals know exactly how much product to use and how to utilize it effectively and safely.

What To Expect During Weed Control Treatment

A common misconception is that keeping your yard free of weeds is as simple as applying store-bought products. Typically, Las Vegas residents will spend way more money than anticipated to get results that are not desirable. If you've had a similar experience, you are not alone – homeowners in the Las Vegas area struggle immensely to keep their yards looking the way they want.

With Anderson Pest Control, the good news is that you won't worry about wasting your energy, money, and time on weeds. Instead, you'll leave that up to the experts to provide the necessary lawn care services to prevent and eliminate any weeds. As a locally owned business, Anderson Pest Control wants to see all Las Vegas lawns flourish and grow to their full potential without the disruption of unsightly weeds.

The Cons Of Leaving Weeds Untreated

If you leave weeds in Las Vegas untreated, it will become challenging to maintain a healthy lawn. Weeds take away vital nutrients from grass and plants. This means they absorb the nutrients from the soil and reach the sunlight before your grass can. When weeds have access to nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium first, they weaken plants and grass, making it challenging to fight off both pests and disease, which makes them more at risk of dying. Allowing weeds to live in your yard creates a nutrient imbalance in the soil, and because weeds grow so fast, they often take control of multiple nutrients. All the plants and grass growing in the yard are impacted when this occurs. Some weeds are poisonous. If consumed by your cats or dogs, they could face avoidable health conditions like indigestion, rashes, and vomiting. These may lead to a hefty veterinarian bill or even a loss of a pet. Flowering weeds can attract bees and wasps, increasing your risk of being stung. Weed control can prevent these issues from arising.

Complete Weed Control For Las Vegas Right-Of-Way Spaces 

Even if you understand herbicides and know what to do and when to use these products, lawn maintenance is still hard work. Let our experienced team do the hard work for you. If you live in Las Vegas or the surrounding region, reach out to Anderson Pest Control today to sign up for our seasonal lawn care program and discover the Anderson Difference. We can help you turn an unsightly lawn into a thing of beauty.