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Just over 20 miles from Las Vegas, Boulder City, Nevada is known as "the town that built the Hoover Dam." There are lovely sites to see and great weather all year long, and it provides easy access both to Vegas life and a slower-paced setting in which to find refuge from the bright city lights. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder why pests like it here so much.

All year long, Boulder City homes and businesses are at risk for pest infestations, and that’s a problem no property owner wants to face. Luckily, we’re here to face it with you. Anderson Pest Control is your go-to source for dependable pest control services. Since 2001, our family owned and operated company has been servicing residential and commercial properties throughout Clark County and the surrounding areas. Whatever pest situation you’re facing, we’re here to help you. Reach out to us today for your free estimate and inspection.

Your Boulder City home should be the safest place on earth for you and your loved ones; however, a household pest infestation puts that security at risk. Our home pest control services have protected over 2,000 homes from the dangers of pest infestations. After a thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior, we perform a number of treatments based upon your needs:

  • Provide an extensive perimeter barrier
  • Treatment underneath outdoor furniture
  • Use of glue boards to monitor active pests
  • Granulate lawn area
  • Treat expansion joints where ants travel
  • Safeguard gardens and flower beds using safe, green products
  • Examine exterior windows and fitted screens
  • Inspect weatherstripping
  • Apply Xcluder fill and other professional products to deny access to pests
  • Install commercial door sweeps with lifetime warranties

Here at Anderson Pest Control, we’re proud to be a name you can trust, and our goal is to provide you with effective, long-term solutions that discourage reinfestation and minimize the potential risk for you and the environment. Call today to learn more.

What Boulder City Ought To Know About Bed Bug Control

Here in Boulder City, bed bugs are a real threat that property owners ought to know about.

Something about bed bugs you should be aware of is that they’re able to skillfully hide away all day long, staying out of sight until we fall asleep. Only then do they emerge from their hiding places and begin to feed on our blood in the middle of the night.

If you want to be proactive in your bed bug control efforts, there are a variety of preventative measures you can take. It would be best if you always inspected everything before bringing it into your home, including items like used furniture, luggage, clothing, boxes, etc. It would help if you also reduced clutter around your space to eliminate ideal hiding places for bed bugs.

At the end of the day, the only 100% effective way to deal with bed bugs is to get professional pest control services. The Anderson Pest Control team has the experience to successfully identify and eliminate a bed bug infestation, guaranteed.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our comprehensive bed bug solutions.

How Dangerous Are The Spiders In Boulder City?

Spiders are common here in Nevada. They are eight-legged arthropods that inject venom into their prey when they bite, and they tend to inhabit shady, cool areas such as garages, attics, and basements.

When it comes to the dangers that spiders pose, the good news is that most spider species are pretty harmless. Most spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them.

Here in Boulder City, however, two species, in particular, do pose a threat. Property owners should be aware of black widows and desert brown recluse spiders. These species are venomous, and they can cause more serious reactions in their victims. Their bites require immediate medical attention.

While the most common species aren’t dangerous, it’s still important to address your spider control needs. The best way to protect your Boulder City property from spiders is to reach out to professionals.

Here at Anderson Pest Control, we offer trusted spider control and prevention services that you can depend on. Call us today to get started.

Commercial Pest Control In Boulder City, NV

There are many types of businesses here in Boulder City, and no matter what kind of business you run, it’s always a good idea to address your commercial pest control needs. Anderson Pest Control provides complete pest solutions to a long list of local businesses. Some of the properties we’ve worked with include multi-family housing, doctor’s offices, warehouses, shopping complexes, high-end business parks, and municipalities.

Starting with a thorough inspection, we determine the right plan of action to deal with your pest problems. We specialize in commercial services for rodent control, spider control, and pigeon control, working with you to customize a treatment plan that meets your needs. The city of Boulder has depended on Anderson Pest Control for years, we’ve serviced over 500 businesses in the area, and we’re eager to help you. Give us a call today to protect your business from pests.

Rodent Control: Five Things Boulder City Residents Should Know

The rodents in Boulder City are tenacious and dangerous. Once they’ve gained access to your home, rodents can cause serious property damage like house fires and spread illnesses like salmonellosis and hantavirus. To keep them out of your property, try these tips:

Always start by addressing the outside of your home. Rodents will fit through the smallest openings in your foundations, so fill cracks with materials like silicone-based caulk, steel wool, and wire mesh. It’s also important to trim back overhanging landscaping that rats may climb.

Address moisture problems inside and outside of your home. Whether you notice a leaky gutter or downspout outside or a problematic bathtub or faucet inside, remedy them completely.

Practice proper food storage. Store pantry items like cereal and pasta as well as other food items in airtight containers.

Think about cleanliness. Cleaning up thoroughly after crumbs and spills is crucial for keeping rodents away, as is taking out the trash routinely, and removing all clutter like old newspapers.

Contact the pros. The best way to keep rodents out of your home throughout the year is with assistance from your local pest control professional.

For rodent control that you can trust, contact Anderson Pest Control today. 

How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Home In Boulder City

Boulder City homeowners may experience ant problems big or small at any time during the year, but with a few simple adjustments, that doesn’t have to be the case. In order to keep your home free from ants, follow these tips:

Check for moisture issues both inside and outside the home. Rectify any leaking gutters, downspouts, roofs, faucets, pipes, showerheads, and any other fixtures.

Seal off any open cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation with materials like caulk. It’s also key to repair worn window screens, apply weather stripping to the gaps around doors and windows, and use door sweeps if needed.

Tend to the lawn around your home. Be sure to remove any leaf piles, fallen tree branches, and other yard debris.

Always use a garbage bin with a lid and take the trash out frequently. Between uses, check for food residue and clean it as needed.

Keep food stored in secure, locking containers and dispose of anything that’s gone bad.

Clean up spills and crumbs thoroughly. Ants may confuse soap and shampoo for sugary foods, so tend to those with just as much immediacy.

Keeping ants out of your home can prove difficult, which is why for the most reliable ant control, you should contact Anderson Pest Control today.

Are Boulder City Scorpions Dangerous?

With their oversized pincers and oblong bodies, scorpions are a pest that is hard to miss, and though not every species of scorpion is dangerous to your health, some of the most venomous members of this family can be found in the Boulder City area. Most scorpions want nothing to do with humans; however, if threatened, they will attack. Some of the most severe reactions to a scorpion sting may result in difficulty breathing, cardiac issues, and anaphylaxis. These are chances that are simply not worth taking for locals. That’s why in order to keep your Boulder City property protected from the potential harm of scorpions, look no further than scorpion control from Anderson Pest Control. We look to help customers avoid pest problems like these by providing services like exclusion, black light inspections, and treatments with EPA-approved products. By following these protocols, we work to create a safe environment for everyone. To learn more about our scorpion control offerings and how your property can benefit from them, contact us today.

Why Cockroaches Are So Hard To Get Rid Of In Boulder City

Cockroach problems can be bountiful in places like Boulder City due to the abundance of people, local conditions, and the simple nature of how homes are structured. While cockroaches are feared because of the health risks that they can expose residents to, they are often feared because of their tenacious nature as well. Cockroaches can prove very difficult to get rid of because they:

  • Reproduce at rapid rates and reach maturation quickly
  • Live out of sight from humans in hard-to-reach areas
  • Can live for extended periods of time without sustenance
  • Have no predators
  • Have a very hard exoskeleton, which makes individual cockroaches hard to crush
  • Are developing a cross-resistance to commonly found pesticides, in the case of the German cockroach

At Anderson Pest Control, we take cockroach control seriously. We know how detrimental these pests can be to your health and we know firsthand how important professional help is in these scenarios. Our procedures combine methods like trapping, baits, and residual chemical applications. We also work with customers to set good habits and prevent future cockroach problems in the future. To learn more about our cockroach control services, contact us today.

Little-Known Ways Pigeons In Boulder City Can Be A Big Problem

Though many Boulder City residents have likely seen pigeons around public areas, Often it's understated how dangerous a pigeon infestation can be around your property. Pigeons are a serious nuisance pest that brings many health risks with them, and without proper pigeon control, your property can easily fall victim to this invader.

Pigeons often gather in large numbers and leave behind droppings wherever they sit. Diseases are transmitted via their droppings, leaving your property with risks of salmonella, cryptococcosis, and histoplasmosis, among many others. Pigeons also carry parasitic pests on them, like fleas, ticks, and mites, and they will leave these behind on your property, causing a secondary pest infestation.

Instead of investing in DIY pigeon control methods for your property, contacting Anderson Pest Control is the best way to combat these bird invaders. Our experienced team will help you remove all traces of this pest and ensure that pigeons aren’t present health or safety risks around your Boulder City property.

Who Are The Occasional Pest Invaders In Boulder City?

Occasional pest invaders in Boulder City are those that you are likely to see invading properties during colder months in search of a place to overwinter or those pests that only invade human structures by accident or chance. Occasional invaders in the area include insects such as crickets, silverfish, beetles, earwigs, centipedes, boxelder bugs, and ladybugs, among several others.

You can protect your Boulder City property from these pests by implementing prevention tips for occasional invaders. First, you should seal cracks around doors, windows, and your property’s foundation that might allow these pests to slip inside; this is one of the most helpful tips for keeping occasional invaders out of interior areas.

Additionally, take steps to reduce easy access to food, waste disposal areas, unguarded pet food, and excess pools of moisture around your property, as these are all items that occasional invaders search for when they look for safe shelter. Keep an eye out for the first signs of occasional invaders, like pest sightings, droppings, or unpleasant odors, so you’re never caught off guard by an infestation.

If you have more questions about occasional invaders in Boulder City, or if you need assistance defeating an infestation of occasional invaders that has unfortunately moved onto your property, reach out to Anderson Pest Control for a free service estimate today.

Types Of Weeds That Could Be Killing Your Boulder City Lawn

Weeds overrunning your Boulder City lawn presents a lawn maintenance challenge, especially if you aren’t sure how to start combatting these nuisance plants. You need to be aware of two main types of weeds in Boulder City, as proper identification is essential to the most effective weed control.  

Broadleaf weeds, identified by flat leaves with distinctive net-like veins and, often, flowers and pest grasses, are the main types of weeds that Boulder City residents need to combat. And while it’s tempting to undertake a DIY weed control process, it can be time-consuming and utilize a lot of your money before you find one that works. Instead, invest in the best weed control for lawns by reaching out to Anderson Pest Control.

Our experienced team knows how important it is to remove pesky weeds from your lawn and ensure your outdoor areas are as healthy as possible, not to mention beautiful. We utilize targeted treatments and thorough lawn inspections that help us provide the best weed control services, so you don’t need to undertake the stress of weed control alone.

Request a free estimate today to get started.

Boulder City Area Is Seeing More Stinging Insects Activity

Stinging insect activity is increasing in the Boulder City area, which means the risks associated with stinging insects, such as painful stings or allergic reactions, are also increasing. If you want to protect your property from the troubles that stinging insects bring, then you look no further than Anderson Pest Control. Only our equipped professionals can help you handle stinging insect infestations and safely remove this pest.

Our stinging insect control process for your Boulder City property includes the identification of the pest causing problems on your property, which could be any of these stinging insect species:

  • Carpenter bees
  • Africanized killer bees
  • Honey bees
  • Yellow jackets
  • Hornets
  • Mud daubers

After our team has identified your stinging insect problem areas, we work with you to craft treatment and removal plans that meet your property’s specific needs. With our help, you won’t need to worry about dangerous stinging insects buzzing all around your property. Contact us for a stress-free, reliable, and safe treatment process.

Request your free estimate today to get started.

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