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Anthem, NV, is a beautiful community located in the town of Henderson in the Las Vegas Valley. Since the beginnings of Anthem in 1998, our population has grown to over 13,000 residents. With population growth comes increased pest activity, and that means local property owners need to be wary of infestation. If pests get onto your property, you are exposed to extensive damage and contamination, and that’s why it’s crucial to leave all of your pest control needs in the capable hands of the pest professionals. 

 Welcome to Anderson Pest Control, your local source for quality pest control services. Since 2002, our family-owned and operated company has been servicing residential and commercial properties throughout Clark County and the surrounding areas. Our team works hard to bring our customers the best service and the lasting results they deserve. Reach out to us today to achieve the pest-free results you’ve been looking for; we’re eager to help.

You and your loved ones rely on the safety of your home to protect you from harm, but that safety is compromised when pests enter the picture. Luckily, we’re here to protect you from household infestation. Our residential pest control services have protected over 2,000 homes from the dangers of pest activity. We begin with a thorough inspection, in which the following is performed:

Interior & Exterior Inspection 

Inspecting plumbing and moisture-prone areas such as the garage, water heater, attic, etc. 

Looking for smudge marks, rodent droppings, and entry points.

Checking the foundation, eaves, irrigation systems, exterior lights, and for conducive conditions.

Inspecting and treating wall voids, and sweeping down spider webs.

Our team uses tried-and-true IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies to effectively target your pest problem from the inside out. Whatever kind of pest problem you’re facing, we’re ready to help you find the solution. Get in touch with us today to learn more, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

What Is The Most Effective Cockroach Control For Anthem Properties?

Cockroaches are unsanitary intruders that can cause big problems for everyone on your Anthem property. They contaminate the premises with droppings and fecal matter, spreading germs and pathogens that can lead to a long list of diseases. If you want to do everything you can to protect your property from cockroach infestation, there are a variety of preventative measures you can take.

 To prevent entry, it’s a good idea to use weather stripping around all windows and doors. It’s also crucial to eliminate sources of excess moisture in and around the property. Install dehumidifiers in moisture rich areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. Reduce clutter, and make sure to vacuum the floor and under the furniture. Also, make sure to regularly sweep beneath the stove and the refrigerator. Eliminate access to food sources as well, and take the trash out regularly, keeping it properly sealed outside in a metal container. 

 These preventative methods can be helpful, but the truth is, there is no cockroach control method as effective or as reliable as ongoing services from the pest professionals. Anderson Pest Control is here to rid your property of cockroaches, and keep them away all year long. Give us a call today for guaranteed results that last with our cockroach control solutions

How Do Spiders Get Into Anthem Homes?

When you get home after a long day, the last thing you want to see in your house is a spider crawling up the wall. All Anthem homeowners should be wary of spider activity. It’s a year-round issue that can escalate if it’s not addressed properly and promptly. So, how is it that spiders gain entry into your house in the first place? 

 Unlike other pests who seek warmth and shelter in your home, spiders usually come into your home looking for prey. They feed on hibernating insects and common indoor pests, like cockroaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, and moths. They will consume most insects in your home, and can be indicative of another, larger pest infestation.

 Spiders are usually found in dark secluded areas with ample humidity, like garages, sheds, attics, basements, closets, and pantries. They’re skilled climbers, and can squeeze their way through small gaps in the roof, windows, siding, and shingles. They can be sneaky about getting inside, and the most effective way to guard your home from an infestation is to call in the experts. Reach out to Anderson Pest Control today to address all of your spider control and prevention needs.

Commercial Pest Control In Anthem, NV

Your Anthem business is vulnerable to pest infestation, and the best way to protect your property is with help from the experts at Anderson Pest Control. We’ve worked with a variety of local facilities, such as multi-family housing, doctor’s offices, warehouses, shopping complexes, high-end business parks, and municipalities. 

 Whatever kind of business you run, it’s important to address your pest control needs, and that’s why we’re here. Depending on your pest problem, and the findings of our inspection, we will determine the right plan of action and then get started on a customized treatment plan. After that, we’ll come back throughout the year to follow up, and maintain pest-free conditions on a continuing basis. Call today to find out more about our commercial pest control services.

How To Stop Ant Infestations Before They Happen In Anthem 

Anthem homeowners may find themselves the victim of an ant problem at nearly any time of the year, as ants are the area’s most common nuisance pest. In order to stop these issues before they happen, try the following tips:

  • Tend to the cracks in your foundation with caulk, repair or replace any weathered window screens, fill the gaps around doors and windows with weather stripping, and install door sweeps where needed.
  • Always keep your food stored in airtight containers and dispose of any over-ripened fruits that have been left on the counter.
  • When you notice crumbs or spills, clean them thoroughly. This applies to soap and shampoo as well, as ants are likely to confuse them for sweet foods.
  • Be sure to use a garbage bin with a lid and take the trash out routinely. Look for food residue between uses.
  • If you notice leaking downspouts, gutters, pipes, or faucets, fix them.

To protect your home from these pests throughout the year, contact Anderson Pest Control for reliable ant control today.

Why Pro Scorpion Control Is Important For Anthem Homes

Scorpions are a pest that is unique to homes in the Anthem area and keeping them away is crucial to the well-being of everyone in your residence. Some of the benefits of professional scorpion control are:

  • Protection from the dangerous nature of scorpions
  • Prevention of other pest problems
  • Unparalleled monitoring of conducive conditions on your property
  • Reliability and consistency of services

At Anderson Pest Control, we provide scorpion control that is backed by Integrated Pest Management. This means that we prioritize structural change and environmental understanding in order to keep scorpions out of your home no matter the season. For more information on these services, contact us today.

Are The Rodents Around My Anthem Home Dangerous?

Rodents like rats and mice sneak into Anthem homes in search of food, water, and shelter. Humans give them essentially everything they need without even knowing it, giving rodents little incentive to ever leave. While in your home, rodents can spread a number of illnesses to you, including hantavirus, salmonellosis, tularemia, and rat-bite fever. Transmission happens through their feces, urine, saliva, hair, and in the case of rats, by biting. These byproducts are also known to cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks when their particles spread throughout the air in your home. Rodents are also notorious hosts for parasitic pests like fleas, ticks, and mites because of the unsanitary conditions that they likely spend time in before making their way to your home. So if you have a rodent problem, you will very likely end up with a secondary pest problem as well. And while it’s not a direct health risk per se, another trait that makes rodents so dangerous is the rate at which they reproduce. Mice are capable of having up to 120 pups per year while rats can have approximately 60 pups in a year, leaving you with a sizable population in just a matter of months.  

For more information on rodent control that protects your home year-round, contact Anderson Pest Control today.

Answering Anthem's Most Frequently Asked Bed Bug Questions

Whether you’ve never experienced bed bugs on your Anthem property or you’re in the midst of an activity infestation, here are some of the most helpful answers about bed bug issues:

How did I get bed bugs? Because these pests are parasites, they tend to latch on to things like personal belongings and upholstered items like furniture and mattresses. It’s very easy to bring bed bugs into your property anytime you’ve been in public, but particularly after trips to the movies, taking public transportation, or staying in a hotel.

Are bed bugs harmful to my health? The main health risk that bed bugs pose is the itchy red bumps that they leave behind. Excessive scratching can lead to a secondary skin infection while the bed bug’s shed body parts and fecal matter have been known to irritate allergies and cause asthma attacks.

How can I prevent bed bug infestations in the future? Before returning home from any of the aforementioned activities, always inspect your clothing and personal effects for bed bug activity. And before bringing any used items into your property, always ask about their previous whereabouts and look for bed bug activity.

Can I get rid of bed bugs myself? While many property owners may try DIY bed bug control procedures, the most effective way to fully remove an infestation is with help from the pros.

At Anderson Pest Control, we provide bed bug control that Anthem property owners can trust. We start with a detailed inspection and then move on to customized methods that follow strict Integrated Pest Management protocols. This allows us to treat the specific needs of your home or place of business and guarantee a bed bug-free environment. For more information on these services, contact us today.

Are The Silverfish In Anthem Dangerous?

Whether you’ve heard of silverfish or not, once you see one of these pests, you’re unlikely to forget them. That’s because silverfish have a very distinct appearance. Silverfish have long, flat bodies that taper towards the end, similar to a carrot, and range in color from silver to brown with a scaly appearance. They grow about ½ to ¾ of an inch in length and have three long bristle tails and a pair of long antennae. 

Silverfish can’t fly, but they do run fast, and seeing them in your Anthem house can be alarming. Once you determine what they are, your next question will likely be if you need to be concerned about them. The good news is that silverfish are not dangerous. They are considered a nuisance pest and aren’t known to spread diseases or bite. However, they damage personal items by chewing holes in things like paper and clothing.

A silverfish infestation can indicate you have a moisture problem in your Anthem home since they are attracted to areas with a lot of moisture. In addition to addressing those issues, it’s wise to have the professionals at Anderson Pest Control take a look and provide any necessary treatments. We can get rid of your silverfish problem and make sure it doesn’t return.

What Anthem Property Owners Ought To Know About Pigeons

Pigeons may seem like harmless nuisance pests, but when they choose your property as the place to spend time, you might discover how many problems they can cause. The most noticeable issue will be finding their droppings everywhere. Not only does this leave an unsightly mess, but it also can be dangerous to your health. Additionally, if pigeons roost or nest on your building, they will almost certainly cause damage to your building. 

Controlling pigeons is essential for the safety and health of the people who spend time on your property and the property itself. Effective pigeon control requires knowledge, experience, and equipment that is available from Anderson Pest Control. We will put a pigeon control plan in place that will safely and humanely remove the pigeons from your property so that they don’t return.

Anthem Homeowners Year-Round Guide To Stinging Insects

Stinging insects in Anthem can be a serious problem, especially for people who experience allergic reactions to their stings. Even if you aren’t allergic to them, spending your time outdoors trying to avoid stinging insects is frustrating. Knowing a few ways to avoid stinging insects on your Anthem property can help make your yard a more pleasant place to spend time.

  • Keep outdoor garbage bins covered with tightly-fitting lids. Many stinging insects like both sweets and proteins, so if you have trash accessible to them, they will hang around your property.
  • Avoid wearing scents when spending time outdoors.
  • If eating outside, keep food and drinks covered when not in use. When you finish, make sure to clean up thoroughly, so no food scraps are left behind.
  • Seal cracks and crevices around your house so that stinging insects can’t get inside and build nests within your walls.

If you’ve discovered a stinging insect nest on your Anthem property, contact Anderson Pest Control. We will remove it for you safely and efficiently so you won’t have to worry about spending time outside.

What Your Anthem Lawn Wants You To Know About Damaging Weeds

Having weeds on your lawn is something every Anthem homeowner has to deal with at some point. At times it can feel like a losing battle, and you may have even given up trying to get control of them. Unfortunately, if you stop trying to get rid of the weeds on your lawn, they will take over. Over time, weeds will choke off any healthy grass on your lawn, and all that will be left is an overgrown mess.

If your lawn could talk, it would tell you that you can win the battle against weeds, but you might need to call in reinforcements to do it. Most DIY weed control products either don’t work or kill the good along with the bad. Weed control on lawns is best accomplished by the professionals at Anderson Pest Control. Our services will eliminate the weeds on your lawn and keep them from returning. With weed control from Anderson Pest Control, you can be certain that your lawn will look its best and be as healthy as ever.

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