Pigeons In Las Vegas: Identification, Prevention, And Control

two pigeons on a porch

Pigeons are a common sight in urban areas. Pigeons are opportunistic by nature and will use environmental resources to the fullest. Pigeons are highly flexible in their living preferences and can thrive in any area that offers them a safe place to roost from predators. Although pigeons can be a delightful sight to behold and feed, pigeons can also be nuisance pests that are challenging to eliminate. Pigeons can introduce health concerns to you and your family and can also damage property. Pigeon control in Las Vegas is critical if you want to maintain your home and your family's health in optimal condition.

If pigeons are giving you and your family problems in Las Vegas, Anderson Pest Control can help. We know all aspects of pest control in Las Vegas and can help you with pigeons. Call us today.

Pigeon Identification Guide

Pigeon control in Las Vegas relies on accurate identification. Pigeons are birds that grow to about 11 inches. They are gray, white, and black and have red feet. One of the distinguishing characteristics is that they have two black bars on their wing feathers and a broad black band on their tail. Pigeons prefer to build their nests around farms, warehouses, grain storage facilities, and mills and inhabit places of high human occupation like parks, bridges, and buildings. Pigeons easily occupy areas where humans dwell and interact easily with them. Pigeons can become rapidly accustomed to interacting with humans, especially when food is involved.

Effective pigeon control must take pigeon habits and behaviors into account. Anderson Pest Control professionals have an extensive history of successfully managing pigeon infestations, and we can help you with yours. Contact us today for help with pigeons.

The Problems Pigeons Can Cause On Your Property

Pigeon infestations can cause several problems for your property. Pigeons are associated with slip and fall risks. They soil everything below the places they roost, and their droppings can be slippery. Pigeons can clog gutters and drainage systems when they build nests. They can also cause fire risks if they block chimneys.

Finally, pigeons can carry infectious diseases. Pigeons can carry infectious pathogens at times and can deposit them in their droppings for you to encounter later. They are associated with diseases like histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, psittacosis, toxoplasmosis, and salmonellas.

The best pigeon control is professional pigeon control. If pigeons are causing you grief in Las Vegas, Anderson Pest Control can help. Get in touch with us today to keep pigeons away from your Las Vegas property.

Ways To Deter Pigeons From Roosting On Your Property

Given that pigeons can bring many problems with them, here are some ways to decrease the potential for pigeons:

  • Seal outside garbage: Pigeons are drawn to exposed garbage and the food opportunities it offers. Seal garbage tightly to eliminate this resource.
  • Eliminate standing water: Eliminating water sources on your property removes a major attraction for pigeons.
  • Be mindful of pet food: Avoid leaving pet food outside, as pigeons are attracted to it.
  • Eliminate nesting areas: Analyze your property carefully to locate and remove places that pigeons can use to roost.

These are some things you can do to help decrease your chances of dealing with a pigeon infestation. If pigeons come anyway, contact Anderson Pest Control for residential pigeon control. We have extensive experience with residential pigeon control in Las Vegas and can help remove yours.

Professional Pigeon Control Is The Best Solution

If you're dealing with pigeons at your Las Vegas home, don't try to go it alone. Pigeons do not respond well to DIY pest control techniques, and your frustration will grow as an infestation persists. Anderson Pest Control professionals know how to control pigeons, and we can do the same for you. Call us today for help with pigeons, and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Las Vegas.