What Your Las Vegas, NV Lawn Wants You To Know About Weed Control

purple clover weeds in a lawn

Maintaining a happy and healthy lawn is not just about good-looking grass. Good-looking grass is just a bonus. The real benefit of keeping your lawn nice is not having to deal with intrusive weeds. The question is, what would it look like for your lawn to be weed-free. It would mean no more thinking it’s time for a mow only to find out the weeds are the only plants that are tall. It would mean no more withered sections of grass due to greedy weeds nearby. Best of all, it would mean no more prickly weeds that hurt to step on. If this all sounds good to you, here is what your Las Vegas lawn wants you to know about weeds.

Weeds Damage Lawns

There are many different species of weeds that grow in our area. Each type of weed damages lawns in different ways. Some weeds grow long roots that encroach on the roots of other plants. By drawing nutrients and moisture from the soil, this slowly kills healthy and happy growth nearby. Another way weeds damage plants is by covering over them. Large leafy weeds block sunlight so that grass around them wither and suffocate. Finally, everything weeds do to steal needed nitrogen, potassium, and other nutrients makes nearby plant growth more likely to suffer from a disease. Some lawn diseases cause large brown spots; others cause algae-like growth on their surface; all are huge problems that you don’t want to deal with.

Weeds Make Lawn Care More Difficult

Killing grass and healthy plant growth is not the only problem weeds cause. Many species in our area also make lawns more challenging to maintain. What do we mean by this? Well, for one, most weeds grow much faster than the grass around them. If you mow your lawn and it looks overgrown after three days, it is probably more weeds than grass. Some species of weeds grow outwards, almost beneath the reach of traditional lawnmowers. We say almost because these species are regularly chopped up but not enough to kill them. This is frustrating, to say the least.

Weeds Spread Quickly

Weeds are not a problem you should take lightly. When left unchecked, these invasive plants spread like wildfire across properties. If your lawn is healthy right now, it will not take more than a year of neglect for things to grow out of hand. If your lawn has never been healthy, there might already be more weeds than healthy grass.

You Can Prevent Weeds

There are two ways to handle weeds. The first is by hiring a professional. The second is by doing your research and trying to conquer them on your own. To help you decide which is better for you, here are some things you would have to know to handle these invasive plants on your property effectively.

  • What species of weeds live in our area
  • The PH levels of your soil
  • What lawn care products work for different species of weeds
  • When it is the best time to treat different weeds
  • The proper methods to treat weeds in order to not damage your lawn further
  • How to use products in a way that they are not harmful to your family and pets

A Weed Control Professional Will Make Your Life Easier

If you want a happy and healthy lawn but do not have the time or energy to maintain it yourself, let us help. At Anderson Pest Control, we offer detailed lawn care services to eliminate weed growth and promote healthy grass and greenery. Call our team today to learn more about our options and find a time to have your lawn serviced.