Keeping The Pesky Pigeons At Bay In Las Vegas

pigeons perched on a roof

Most people don’t immediately consider pigeons to be troublesome pests; however, this bird can cause a large amount of destruction in a short amount of time. Find out the damage these pesky pigeons can do and what you can do about it.

There are some bird control methods you can use to keep birds at bay, but due to the safety risk of getting up on a rooftop, it's a good idea to partner with local Las Vegas pest control. At Anderson Pest Control, we offer bird control services that are reliable and eco-friendly.

Why Pigeons Prefer To Nest On Roofs

Pigeons have a homing instinct that attaches them to their determined roosting and nesting site. Although they will travel within a 30-mile radius in a single day, they always return home. They use their knowledge of the lay of the land to get back home safely.

Over the years, pigeons have grown a dependency on humans and often get their food sources from helpful people at the park, out of trashcans, or from what they find dropped on the ground. They have few natural predators and nesting in one location on a rooftop allows them to scout for food easily. Pigeons also build incredibly flimsy nests and find it difficult to make a structurally sound nest in the trees. For this reason alone, a high stable roof is their preferred nesting spot.

So why do you need roof bird control? Why not just leave them be? Well, their nests have been known to block off water exits on top of the roof, and they famously will set up camp right in the gutters. Considering how destructive water is, it’s an occurrence you want to prevent. Furthermore, bird droppings are extremely acidic. Not only do they cause an aesthetic nightmare, but these droppings will eat through protective layers on your roof.  

Using Bird Spikes For Pigeon Control

There are a few different types of anti-perching systems out there that you can use for bird control on your rooftop and in gutters. Most of these systems are made of stainless steel and include blunt spikes that protrude upward from a base.

There are plastic options as well, but the stainless steels ones tend to be more reliable. This control technique is best used on rooftops to prevent birds from nesting. If your roof is occupied by nesting birds, contact Anderson Pest Control to see what options you have available to you.

Using Bird Netting For Pigeon Control

Another method that is widely used in bird control for pigeons on your property is netting. Typically netting is made out of heavy-duty waterproof polyethylene and is rot-proof, guaranteeing reliable results for many years.

Bird nets humanely block birds from entering unwanted areas, like your rooftop. To protect your property, you’ll need to start looking at birds as less of a beautiful spectacle and see them for the structural pests that they are.

Not only should you implement these helpful tips such as installing netting or using blunt spikes to keep the birds safely away, but also be sure to keep away potential food and water sources. Making sure outside trash cans are emptied routinely and the immediate area is free of any crumbs is a start.

Bird Control Deterrent Services in Las Vegas

At Anderson Pest Control, we can help you with all of your bird control needs. We offer commercial pest control, residential pest control, and warehouse bird control. Although there are some DIY methods you can employ, getting on top of your rooftop comes with hazards. If you have an active nesting site on your rooftop, you’ll need professional help. In every state, there are laws protecting certain species of birds and only a wildlife professional can assist. Call us today to find out more about our professional bird control services.