Weed Control In The Las Vegas Desert Made Simple

weed in gravel

When you pull into your driveway or look out your front windows, you want to see a yard that looks great, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. If weeds are taking over your property, you need weed control in Las Vegas that can get at the root of the issue. Anderson Pest Control provides the weed control services you need to make your desert landscaping look its best.

The Types Of Weeds You May Encounter In Las Vegas

Every area in the United States has weeds, but there are a wide variety of weed species throughout the US. The weeds you’ll find in Las Vegas are unique compared to the weeds you’ll find in other parts of the country. Although hardiness is a characteristic of all weeds, weeds in our desert climate must be able to withstand drought conditions in order to survive. 

Some of the common weeds that Anderson Pest Control sees while performing our lawn care and weed control services include chickweed, bermudagrass, and woolly cupgrass. Many weeds in Las Vegas can be deceiving because they don’t look that bad when they first begin to grow. However, if given time, they can choke out the growth of the plants you want on your property.

How Do I Keep Weeds Out Of My Desert Landscaping

The beauty of desert landscaping is its simplicity. You can have plants you love and a property that looks great without the constant upkeep required if you have a lawn with grass. In our desert climate, growing grass requires a lot of work, but a desert rock landscape doesn’t need a lot of work. Even so, weeds can get onto your desert landscape and make it look bad. 

Controlling weeds requires you to understand which types of weeds are on your property and which types of treatments will be most effective against those weeds. Anderson Pest Control provides weed control treatments that take care of weeds that are already present, as well as treatments that keep weeds out of your desert landscaping for good.

The Professional Solution For Weed Troubles In Las Vegas

Many Las Vegas homeowners try to take care of weeds on their own but become frustrated when, despite their best efforts, the weeds keep returning. Weed control can be surprisingly complex because there are different products that do different things and because the way those products are applied matters. If you haven’t been trained in weed control and management, you may find yourself fighting a losing battle against the weeds on your Las Vegas property.

Professional weed control from Anderson Pest Control will take care of your weed problems. We have the experience and training needed to provide long-lasting weed control solutions for your weed troubles. We’ll visit your property to identify the specific issues you’re having with weeds, then custom-design a treatment program that targets your problems.

How To Keep Weeds From Coming Back: Pre-Emergent Treatments

At Anderson Pest Control, we use a combination of pre-emergent, post-emergent, selective, and non-selective herbicides. Each of these products has a different job, but when used together, they are extremely effective at eliminating and preventing weeds. 

To control weeds in your lawn, not only in the present but also in the future, you want a treatment that will keep weeds from coming back. That’s what our pre-emergent treatments are for. This treatment goes into the ground and targets weeds before the seeds can germinate. If the seeds can’t germinate, they can’t grow root systems, and they won’t grow. Pre-emergent treatments are typically done in late winter or early spring since that’s when most weeds are ready to begin growing. However, we also have products that can target fall weeds.

If you are struggling to get the weeds on your property under control, you need weed control near you from experts in the field. Anderson Pest Control is knowledgeable about Las Vegas weeds, and we know how to implement the best treatments to deliver the most effective results. Contact us today.