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While there are a lot of reasons to love life here in Centennial Hills, NV, one thing that isn’t so great is the number of pests that could invade our homes or businesses. Not only can these pests destroy property, but they can also spread dangerous diseases. If you are a local home or business owner, you need effective pest solutions to keep your property safe from pests and the threats they pose. Here at Anderson Pest Control, we offer residential and commercial pest services that you can count on to protect your home or business from these unwanted invaders. Continue reading to learn more about our various pest services, or give us a call to receive a free quote.

Effective residential pest control isn’t just about protecting your home from destructive pests. It also means keeping your family safe from the harmful diseases that pests are known to spread. If you want to keep both your family and property safe, you need a residential pest control plan you can trust. Here at Anderson Pest Control, we design each of our residential pest plans to the specific needs of your home. We do this by performing detailed inspections of your property before we make any decisions on how to treat it. We will also speak with you, the homeowner, to get a better understanding of what you’ve been experiencing. For residential pest control you can trust, there’s no one better than Anderson Pest Control.

What Is The Best Weed Control Method For Yards In Centennial Hills?

Having a pristine yard around your home is something to be proud of. As such, anything that might mar the otherwise picturesque property, such as a weed, is never a welcome sight. Given this, many Centennial Hills homeowners wonder what they can to do keep weeds out of their yards. The answer: professional yard maintenance from Anderson Pest Control.

We know just how important maintaining a yard can be, not just for aesthetic purposes, but also for keeping pests away. That’s why we offer professional yard care services, designed to keep your yard healthy and free of weeds. Don’t let weeds take over your yard. Give us a call today to learn more about our yard care services.

All The Ways Bed Bugs Get Into Homes In Centennial Hills

Bed bugs are small parasitic pests that feed on the blood of us humans as we sleep. Once they get into a home, it can prove to be quite challenging to remove them. As such, preventing them is key. To do so effectively, you first need to know all the ways bed bugs get into a home. First, the most prominent way bed bugs get into homes is by sneaking in on us without us knowing. That’s right, we typically bring bed bugs into our own homes. As such, it is important to be mindful of your surroundings while spending time in bed bug hot spots. These include:

  • Transportation hubs such as train stations, bus depots, and airports.
  • Lodging establishments such as hotels, motels, and dormitories.
  • High-occupancy areas such as schools, malls, and hospitals.

In addition to bringing them in ourselves, bed bugs might also gain access to your home by sneaking in on secondhand objects. Always be sure to inspect and thoroughly clean any secondhand items before bringing them into your home. Additionally, if at all possible, you should avoid purchasing secondhand mattresses or box springs. Secondhand items you should inspect include:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Appliances

For more information regarding bed bug control, give us a call here at Anderson Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Centennial Hills, NV

When pests get into a business, there’s no telling how many problems they will cause. Pests can damage inventory, harm employees, and keep customers away. Not to mention, an infestation in your business can ruin your reputation in the community. That’s why you need to protect your property with effective commercial pest solutions. Here at Anderson Pest Control, we recognize that all businesses are different. As such, we tailor-make each of our commercial pest control plans to the specific needs of the business that we are servicing. This includes follow-up treatments on a schedule that works for you. For effective commercial pest solutions, you need to partner with Anderson Pest Control.

Three Tricks To Keep From Bringing Bed Bugs Into Your Centennial Hills Home

Finding bed bugs in your Centennial Hills home can be shocking; this may be completely understandable, but the reason behind the shock is what’s surprising. Misconceptions about bed bugs, such as you can only get bed bugs if you live in a dirty home or stay in a low-budget motel, are just that; misconceptions. The reality is that bed bugs do not care how clean your home is; they also don’t care if you stay at a luxury or low-end hotel.

Where you will find bed bugs will be anywhere, humans spend sedentary time like beds, couches, and even wheelchairs. However, you can also find bed bugs in unconventional places, such as electrical outlets, cabinets, and baseboards.

Bed bugs are notorious travelers, meaning they hitch rides on humans and various items like luggage and clothing. Still, fortunately, there are some ways to prevent them from entering your home with preventive efforts.

Here are three:

  1. Always inspect any hotel or accommodation where you are staying for bed bugs before bringing your luggage into the room.
  2. Avoid buying used furniture. If you purchase any used furniture, thoroughly inspect it before bringing it into your home.
  3. Purchase bed bug-proof mattress and box spring covers. These covers should cover the mattress and box spring entirely.

These preventative methods should help keep bed bugs out of your home, but you must be vigilant. Bed bugs are blood-feeders and a sure inconvenience. From the sleepless nights to the itchy, red welts some experience, the bottom line is that bed bugs have no place in your home. Call us today at Anderson Pest Control to start your bed bug removal services.

Putting An End To Centennial Hills Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches are one of the filthiest insects globally because of the places they travel through. These insects are constantly in germ-ridden places like sewers and garbage dumpsters. Once cockroaches find their way into your home, they spread the various pathogens, bacteria, and diseases they pick up from these places, contaminating your food and surfaces.

No one wants to attract cockroaches, but if you see them in your home or property, you could be drawing them in ways you’re not realizing. For instance, leaving food crumbs on the floors and countertops or putting a ‘bandaid’ over leaking pipes in your home and avoiding getting the leak fixed by a professional plumber. In most cases, with a bit of home maintenance and stricter sanitization and cleaning efforts, you can keep cockroach infestations out of your home.

Ultimately, if you suspect a cockroach infestation in your home, only professional cockroach removal services will eradicate them. At Anderson Pest Control, we offer affordable, ethical cockroach control solutions to altogether remove any size infestation in your home.

Once we’ve treated your home, you should implement some of these preventive measures:

  • Regularly remove trash from your home and store it in a container with a tightly closed lid.
  • Store trash cans away from the exterior walls of your home.
  • Ensure your kitchen is free of food debris and sticky spills.
  • Store food in the fridge or containers with airtight lids.
  • Eliminate moisture issues by repairing leaky pipes, air conditioners, and dripping faucets.
  • Ensure basements or crawl spaces are well-ventilated.
  • Eliminate entry points into your home by sealing any openings in the foundation, installing door sweeps, placing covers over vents and drains, and installing weatherstripping around windows and doors.

These preventative methods will be ineffective if you do not entirely eradicate a cockroach infestation. You must accomplish proper removal, or you will still have an infestation. It is crucial to call Anderson Pest Control to schedule your roach control services.

Ant Prevention And Control Tips From Centennial Hills Exterminators

As the Centennial Hills area has warm weather pretty much year-round, it’s the perfect conditions for ants to be around year-round. Fortunately, the harvester and Argentine ants are the two ants you’re most likely to run into for this area.

The Argentine ants are mostly a nuisance to have in and around your home, but when they infest, they infest in large numbers, making them extremely hard to eliminate. Additionally, when you crush these ants, they produce an unpleasant odor.

Harvester ants are slightly more threatening. When disturbed, these ants can deliver a painful bite and sting. Also, once in your yard, they will remove all vegetation in areas they choose to build nests, which, in turn, leaves bare spots in your lawn.

If these ants have already infested your home or yard, the only way to effectively remove them is with professional ant control services. After control services, these prevention tips will help keep ants from returning to your home:

  • Reseed the bare spots in your yard.
  • Remove overgrown shrubbery away from your home’s exterior.
  • Keep kitchens and outdoor food areas free of food debris.
  • Regularly vacuum, sweep, and mop floors. Wipe down counters.
  • Remove fallen trees and excess piles of wood from your yard.
  • Fix leaky pipes, hoses, and fixtures that provide unnecessary moisture.
  • Seal open spaces around air conditioners and utilities around your home.
  • Caulk openings in your foundation and exterior walls.

These efforts are beneficial if you don’t currently have an ant problem. The moment you see a single ant, know there’s more where that one came from, potentially thousands and thousands more. For proper and effective ant removal, call Anderson Pest Control.

Should Centennial Hills Homeowners Be Worried About Scorpions?

Scorpions are harmful pests that pose a year-round threat for Nevada homeowners. These pests are known for having a curved tale with a stinger on the end of it. They can often be found hiding cool, dark places, such as in the garbage, under floorboards, piles of leaves, firewood, overturned buckets, and electrical boxes.

These nocturnal pests seek refuge from the heat in your home or business, and then tend to enter the structure via windows, doors, cracks, crevices, and pipes. The real question is, should Centennial Hills homeowners be worried about scorpions? While scorpions have the ability to sting and cause pain, the good news is that most scorpions aren’t venomous.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything you can to protection yourself from scorpion activity. To effectively guard your home from scorpions throughout the year, we highly recommend getting professional pest solutions. Call Anderson Pest Control today to discuss your scorpion control and prevention needs

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