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Professional Pest Control For Black Mountain, NV Properties

Black Mountain, NV, is the landmark mountain of the McCullough Mountain Range. Located just south of the Las Vegas Valley, we have access to all the excitement, while enjoying the beauty of our natural surroundings at every turn. Not so beautiful, however, is the fact that there are local pest populations lurking around. Black Mountain homes and businesses are susceptible to pest infestation all year long, and that’s why we highly recommend relying on the pest experts for help. 
Here at Anderson Pest Control, we’re here to assist you. We are your go-to source for dependable pest control services, and we’re proud to be “a name you can trust.” Since 2002, we’ve been providing complete residential and pest control solutions to properties throughout Clark County, and the surrounding areas. We take a professional, ethical approach to pest control, and your satisfaction is our business. Contact us today to learn more about our service plans.

Home Pest Control In Black Mountain, NV

Our residential pest control solutions give local homeowners complete coverage from household pest infestation. We’ve serviced over 2,000 homes throughout the Las Vegas Valley, and we work hard to bring you and your loved ones the safest, most effective services in the area. Our process includes:

  • Applying an extensive perimeter barrier.

  • Treatment underneath outdoor furniture.

  • Using glue boards to monitor active pests.

  • Granulating the lawn area.

  • Treating expansion joints where ants travel.

  • Treating gardens and flower beds using safe, green products.

  • Tending to exterior windows, and applying fitted screens.

  • Using weather stripping and sealing to block access.

After we finish treating your home, we schedule ongoing follow-up visits at your convenience to make sure you are protected from infestation all year long. From the very first inspection, throughout each and every treatment, we’re with you every step of the way. Reach out today to get started.


How Important Is Professional Rodent Control In Black Mountain?

mice in a kitchen cabinet

Rodents are present all year-round here in Black Mountain, and they can cause some real problems for local home and business owners. These pests gain entry into your property by squeezing into discrete cracks and crevices throughout your structure. As they spread and start reproducing, they leave feces, urine, and saliva everywhere they go. That’s a huge threat to your health.
Excrement contaminates food prep areas and other vulnerable surfaces, leaving you exposed to a variety of illnesses and diseases. Rodents also gnaw on structural elements of your building, such as electrical wiring. This can cause a fire, leading to large-scale damage and serious injuries.
Something else to consider is the fact that rodents carry around mites, fleas, and ticks. That exposes your property to even more infestation. Rodent activity is a real nightmare, and it’s not something you want to deal with alone. That’s why we’re here to help. Reach out to the team at Anderson Pest Control for complete rodent control and prevention solutions. Our team is here to provide you with continued protection you can count on.

Five Reasons Scorpions Are Dangerous in Black Mountain

scorpion laying on the floor

Scorpions are common in arid areas of the southwest, such as Nevada. They’re infamous for having two thin pincers, which they use to grab onto their prey, and the intimidating stinger at the end of their long tail. These are not intruders that you want lingering around your home or business. Here are five reasons why scorpions are dangerous to have around your Black Mountain property:

1. They sting. Scorpions inject venom into your body, and expose you to a long list of adverse reactions, ranging in severity and degrees of pain.

2. The Arizona bark scorpion is the most dangerous species, and their stings can be fatal, especially for young children and elderly people.

3. Scorpions are skilled hiders, inhabiting dark places like the garbage, under floorboards, piles of leaves, firewood, overturned buckets, and electrical boxes.

4. Scorpions stealthy enter your structure via windows, doors, cracks, crevices, and pipes. They appear in strange places, and can take you by surprise. 

5. They are nocturnal pests, meaning they’re only active at night, and can therefore be hard to detect.

In order to effectively guard your property from scorpion activity throughout the year, the best thing you can do is secure ongoing services from a professional pest control company. Anderson Pest Control is the only way to go. Call us today for all of your scorpion control needs. One of our experts will set up your inspection, and get the process started right away.

Commercial Pest Control In Black Mountain, NV

Anderson Pest Control has serviced over 500 businesses in the area, keeping the community safe and free from pest activity. We specialize in commercial solutions for rodent control, spider control, and pigeon control, and our customized service plans give you guaranteed protection you can count on.
After familiarizing ourselves with your pest problem, we utilize ecologically friendly methods that are safe for your property and everyone inside of it. Our treatments eliminate all pest activity, and put in place the necessary preventative measures to move forward totally pest-free and protected. Call today to learn more about our commercial pest services


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